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PE - 70th anniversary diptych essay
© UNICEF/UNI41895/Unknown
Greece, 1950
Circa 1950 in the north-western town of Castoria, a boy holds a folded UNICEF-supplied blanket, clutching...
© UNICEF/UN012725/Georgiev
Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of, 2016
On 24 February 2016, people stand on the train platform outside Vinojug transit center, as the train...
© UNICEF/UNI42506/Unknown
Mexico, 1960
With other small children nearby, three-year-old Concepcion Uribe wears leg braces to support her polio-weakened...
© UNICEF/UNI29868/LeMoyne
Sudan, 1991
A baby receives a dose of oral polio vaccine in a children's clinic at Omdurman Hospital in Khartoum,...
© UNICEF/UN04149/unknown
Ghana, 1960

A nurse-midwife weighs a child on...
© UNICEF/UNI161869/Holt
Tanzania, 2014
A woman cradles her baby in Mwembeladu Maternity Home in Zanzibar, Tanzania Tuesday, April 8, 2014. She...
© UNICEF/UNI41892/Unknown
India, 1949
Circa 1949, part of a UNICEF mobile X-ray unit, a woman health worker sits outside and vaccinates a boy...
© UNICEF/UNI99750/Ramoneda
Pakistan, 2010
On 23 August, a health worker vaccinates a boy in a camp for people displaced by flooding, in Sukkur,...
© UNICEF/UNI41886/Vachon
Poland, 1946
In 1946 in Poland, a smiling boy carries six loaves of bread. [THIS IMAGE PROVIDED COURTESY UN ARCHIVES....
© UNICEF/UNI62169/Sokol
India, 2009
Malnourished children receive a meal of rice and dal at an anganwadi centre in Sullineabad Village, Bihar...
© UNICEF/UNI43114/Unknown
Greece, 1946
Circa 1946 in Greece, a severely malnourished boy is fed with a spoon. [THIS IMAGE PROVIDED COURTESY...
© UNICEF/UNI85771/Holtz
Niger, 2009
A woman embraces her severely malnourished child at a nutritional rehabilitation centre in the southern...
© UNICEF/UNI42500/Unknown
Guatemala, 1950
Circa 1950, approximate locale Guatemala, five-year-old Norma Salandia's mouth and nose are covered with...
© UNICEF/UN04247/Estey
Indonesia, 2015
A girl eats food in a bowl, at the local ‘posyandu’ (community health post) in Klaten District, Central...
© UNICEF/UNI43103/Unknown
Yugoslavia, Federal People's Republic of, 1946
In 1946 in Yugoslavia, three boys, who are wearing clothes donated by the Dutch Red Cross, share a desk...
© UNICEF/UNI46382/Isaac
Pakistan, 1983
In 1983 in Pakistan, girls share books and a bench after class in their school in the city of Karachi....
© UNICEF/UNI43110/Groman
Germany, 1946
In 1946 in Germany, a group of girls and boys from the Struth locality, most of whose parents died in...
© UNICEF/UNI46342/Pirozzi
Mozambique, 2006
Children, holding hands to form a circle, play during recess at Mulemba Primary School in Maganja da...
© UNICEF/UNI120967/LeMoyne
Afghanistan, 2000
Two boys collect water at a Mark II handpump where other children have also gathered, on the outskirts...
© UNICEF/UNI122066/Haque
Bangladesh, 2012
A School Brigade member demonstrates proper hand washing techniques to fellow students during regular...
© UNICEF/UNI43135/Unknown
Egypt, 1947
Two boys are cheered on by their companions during the long-jump event of a sports competition at the...
© UNICEF/UNI122531/Sokol
South Sudan, 2012
Boys who have been displaced by inter-ethnic violence play volleyball, outside a UNICEF-supported child-friendly...
© UNICEF/UN04118/Danois

In 1972 in South...
Usher's story - Guinea Bissau - Photo 53
© UNICEF/UNI162094/Lynch
Guinea-Bissau, 2014
Usher Sanca, 7, is a first grade student at UNICEF-supported Ponta Nova Unified School, in the village...
© UNICEF/UNI43124/Mihanoff
Egypt, 1946
Circa 1946 in Egypt, Yugoslav children look at the Serbo-Croatian words 'nasa skola'(our school) that...
© UNICEF/UNI173333/Pirozzi
Italy, 2014
On 3 October 2014 in Italy, adolescents lie on a sidewalk, using their bodies and an assortment of objects...
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