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Photo essay - The game
EMBARGOED UNTIL 4:00am GMT on 19 May 2017
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© UNICEF/UN058484/Vas
Serbia, 2017
On 19 March 2017 in Serbia, two adolescent boys stand on a wooden beam leaning against a dilapidated...
© UNICEF/UN058483/Vas
Serbia, 2017
On 19 March 2017 in Serbia, several youths warm themselves and a man dries an item of clothing at a small...
© UNICEF/UN058481/Vas
Serbia, 2017
On 19 March 2017 in Serbia, 14-year-old Erfan, from Afghanistan, uses two mobile phones in the Mikseliste...
© UNICEF/UN058491/Vas
Serbia, 2017
On 19 March 2017 in Serbia, (foreground) 9-year-old Ibrahim and 11-year-old Abuzar, both from Afghanistan,...
© UNICEF/UN058497/Vas
Serbia, 2017
On 19 March 2017 in Serbia, a young man walks away from a dilapidated building where the message “I just...
© UNICEF/UN058514/Vas
Serbia, 2017
On 20 March 2017 in Serbia, (partially visible) 16-year-old Zobair, wearing a knee brace and using crutches,...
© UNICEF/UN057977/Gilbertson VII Photo
Greece, 2017
(from left) Hamza, 17, Mohammad, 18, and Jalwan, 16, sit on a wagon as they and other Algerian minors...
© UNICEF/UN057975/Gilbertson VII Photo
Greece, 2017
(right) Ahmad, 21 tries to squeeze into a tight space with help from Jalwan, 16, (centre) as Hamza, 17,...
© UNICEF/UN057936/Gilbertson VII Photo
Greece, 2017
Seventeen-year old Mohammad, an unaccompanied minor from the Syrian Arab Republic, stands by a window...
© UNICEF/UN057943/Gilbertson VII Photo
Greece, 2017
Jalil, 15, an unaccompanied minor from Bamian, Afghanistan, kicks a ball outside the S.O.S. shelter supported...
The Game - English
The Game - English
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